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• No rush- as a CHS member you will enjoy care without time limits.


• Annual flu shot discount- $10.00 while available.


• Same day/Next Day scheduling


• X-Rays- One complimentary set per quarter (this benefit does not carry over if not utilized)


• Complimentary annual physical


• Full provider access via phone, email, text.


• Insect bites and Stings


• Ingrown toenails




• Muscle strain


• Nausea/vomiting


• Obesity


• Pink eye


• Rashes


• Sinus Infections


• Sore throat


• Sprains and strains


• Strep throat


• Urinary tract infections


• Tendinitis


• Upper respiratory infections





What is Concierge Health Services?


• Concierge Health Services is NOT health insurance.

• Concierge Health Services is a direct primary care plan (concierge plan) for medical services between

Urgent Care of Kansas City and/or Urgent Care of Cass County and you, the patient.

• We created our CHS program in order to provide an affordable healthcare alternative for companies,

families and individuals in the areas we serve.


How Concierge Health Services works:


• Choose the CHS plan that fits your family.

• Visit UCKC or UCCC and pay only $15.00 per visit- any visit, any time!

• You can stop your plan at any time with no penalties.

• See our “Services” section for a full list of included services.


How does the CHS benefit you?


It takes very little time for the costs of doctor’s visits to start accumulating- small emergencies, colds and flu season, allergies, and back-to-school physicals. The costs can be exponential if you have a busy family! At Urgent Care of Kansas City and Urgent Care of Cass County, we take the guesswork out of those extra charges to maintain your health. With Concierge Health Services, each covered member pays a simple, flat rate of $15.00 per visit in addition to a minimal monthly membership fee. Your monthly membership guarantees access to a wide variety of services such as office visits, X-rays, and injections.


Children 0-19 years                                  $10.00/month with parent or guardian membership


Adults 20-44                                             $50.00/month


Adults 45-64                                             $75.00/month


Adults 65+                                                $100.00/month


Lower Rates and Fees


Urgent Care of Kansas City and Urgent Care of Cass County’s Concierge Health Services Program takes the guesswork out of variable charges to maintain your health. Your monthly membership includes a wide range of services like office visits, X-rays, and injections. CHS pricing is subject to change. Current price at time of sign-up is valid for one year.


• No medical underwriting.

• 1-year rate guarantee.

• Plans are billed on the last business day of every month.

• We will send each account holder an e-mail invoice/receipt stating that we have drafted their checking account or credit card for the monthly billing.

• The CHS program is NOT insurance. It is a direct primary care plan (concierge plan) for medical services between the physician group and you, the patient.


Services and benefits


Concierge Health Services members enjoy access to a wide range of of health services:










Some of the conditions we treat include:


• Acid reflux


• Allergies


• Asthma


• Back pain


• Boils/abcesses


• Bronchitis


• Burns


• Colds


• Diabetes


• Diarrhea


• Dizziness


• Ear Infections


• Fevers


• Flu and flu-like symptoms


• Simple Fractures


• Headaches


• High blood pressure



Disclaimer: The Concierge Health Services program offered by Urgent Care of Kansas City and Urgent Care of Cass County is not intended to replace your health insurance coverage as mandated under the affordable care act. Rather, it offers a cost-effective solution to exorbitant and impossible-to-pay

deductibles. We encourage all our patients to seek coverage through an employer or the open health insurance marketplaces.




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