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At Urgent Care our facilities are equipped to handle a wide variety of urgent medical needs, such as:


         Colds and flu-like symptoms


         Allergies and allergic reactions


        Contusions and lacerations


        Headaches and body aches


        Minor burns


        Insect bites and stings


        Scrapes, sprains, strains


        Simple fractures


Urgent Care of Kansas City and Urgent Care of Cass County also provide many routine value-based care services, such as:


        Care for acute or chronic illnesses


        X-ray and laboratory services


        Minor surgical procedures and splinting


        Physicals for school, employers and or private patients


        Seasonal Vaccinations


        Worker’s Compensation injuries



When patients visit hospital emergency departments in lieu of Urgent Care centers, their minor ailments are pushed to the back of the triage system, forcing them to wait longer than necessary.   Urgent Care Centers are intended to fulfill the needs of patients with non-critical illnesses or injuries that would not merit priority triage status, but still need to be addressed with expediency.


When patients with relatively minor illnesses such as the cold or flu visit emergency rooms, they can unintentionally expose other ER patients (and family members) who may be less able to fight the disease.  Reserving hospital resources for those patients most in need of them helps to prevent the spread of common illnesses and speed up the treatment processes for everyone.


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