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I have gone to this UC twice in the last 12 months. Both visits have been convenient and in-line with what I would expect from this kind of service (far better than sitting in an ER). The facilities are clean and comfortable and the doctors are knowledgeable and helpful. I was there this past Sunday with my very sick 3 year old. I arrived when they opened at 8:30 (along with a dozen other patients) and we were still in/out in an hour and a half. I received a prescription and some good advice to ease my concerns. The service was comparable to what I would receive if I went to my family doctor in the thick of a cold season. And I would recommend over an ER for sure.

Pam G.

Excellent service. Much better than my relaxed, 'no sense of urgency' family physician office. Urgent Care diagnosed mono for my daughter on first visit. Took family physician three visits and they still didn't find it. I gave up on them and someone suggested Urgent Care in Independence. Two trips to my doctor and bronchitis wasn't diagnosed. First trip to urgent care and I left with diagnosis and prescription slip in hand -- ready to heal. They don't drag their feet. Great alternative to my sleepy physician group. Took my insurance. Professional. Absolutely an alternative for myself and family.

Dolores C.

Exactly what you would hope and expect from an urgent care office. Definitely a great alternative to the emergency room-we got out of there in just a fraction of the time, and at a small fraction of the cost, an ER visit would have taken all three times we've been there so far.

Brent H.

Sheila B.

WOW! I am so pleased with the service that we received from Urgent Care of Kansas City in Independence. The staff was very personable and patient with my 11 year old daughter. But, what I was most pleased with was the days that followed. I explained to the radiologist that this was the first time that I or any of my children had broken a bone. She went into great detail explaining the process of what was to come and how I should proceed with my insurance company. She really took the time to talk to me and help me understand. THANK YOU!

Thank you for your fantastic service, David, I give you special thanks due to your quick acknowledgment of signs an allergic reaction. I was at the emergency department and they informed me that your quick action saved my life. My husband told me that when I passed out, you were quick on the ball and started breathing for me. My husband could not believe the calm and efficiency that David took over me. My husband even said once the ambulance showed he was still involved and calm. I would have freaked out if I was in that situation. I want everyone in the world to know that David is very professional, and made a very scary moment in my life a moment that I will always remember him. Thank you to all the staff at Urgent Care.

Karen M.

I've only been one time but can tell you that the facility was clean and neat. I was greeted upon my entry into the building. The desk staff was polite and helpful. The doctor I saw (Dr. Johnson) was friendly helpful and caring. I went to the urgent care location because MY doctor isnt available Tues, Wed or Fridays (golf days?) So was pleased that I had such an available, professional alternative on short notice. All for the SAME $30 copay I would have with my 'never in the office' doctor. Will I go back? YES.

Debbie C.

We believe that Urgent Care is more than a doctor's office, it's a staple in the medical industry. But we don't want you to take our word for it. Below are the testimonials and comments from actual patients who have undergone medical care with Urgent Care of Kansas City and Urgent Care of Cass County. The words and thoughts of these Urgent Care patients help to more fully explain the process of of our medical facility and just how great both the experience and the results can be.



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